Coding with Qmod

Coding with Qmod


One of our favourite microcontrollers is the micro:bit! The micro:bit is an open source microcontroller designed by the BBC for computer education. It’s the size of a credit card and has a ARM Cortex_MO processor, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a display consisting of 25 LEDs, two programable buttons and can be powered with sustainable energy from the Qmod Energy Block.

Flashing the micro:bit

One of our favourite things to do with the micro:bit is create and run programs using the Qmod Energy Block for power. Before we can create programs, first let’s learn how to load a program or “flash” the micro:bit. To the right is a detailed video on how to do this. 


Monitor your Sustainable City

Once you have learned how to flash your micro:bit, click the link below to download a Voltage Meter program to flash to your own micro:bit. This program will allow you to monitor the voltage of your Qmod Energy Block with the micro:bit. Try using this with the Qmod Sustainable City Kit to monitor the energy usage of your Sustainable City!

Download Voltage Meter Program Here!