The Qmod Energy Kit is designed to teach children about energy, electricity, the environment & creating, which also makes it a perfect tool to use in class or workshops. To help educators that teach STE(A)M related subjects, we offer special easy to use tools that can be used to setup, plan and teach a class or workshop with our Energy Kit. 


Follows Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) & Math based themes

Easy-to-use Materials

Including highly illustrative Teacher Guides, Video's, Worksheets & Cards

Design Based Learning

Through Conceptual, Iterative & Hands-on Challenging assignments

If you are interested in using our Energy Kit & lesson plans to educate at your school or educational space and want to get a quote for multiple kits or a special combination of materials, feel free to contact us at or use this quote form:

You can find our categorized courses below, on each course page you will find a detailed list of the included learning objectives, printable files and necessary materials. All activities are designed to work best in groups of 2-4 students & may require multiple Energy Blocks or other materials per group, this will be listed on each course page as well.


Please be patient while we create the courses and finish setting setup this page!

We will be adding these lesson plans one-by-one and you can already take a preview below to see what lesson plans we are planning to create. Please feel free to mail us at if you would like to make any suggestion or a request.

Please always start out with these two introductory video's, they explain some basic concepts about the Energy Block and electricity required in all the other courses. 

  • Redox
  • Solar
  • Mechenical
  • Environmental challenges such as sustainable boat, sustainable city and the like
  • Redox Reactions
  • Multi-Cell Batteries
  • Photo-electric & voltaic Reactions
  • Electro Motors
  • Wireless Induction
  • Micro-controllers (Arduino)
  • Programmable Challenges