The Qmod energy kit is developed to empower kids to learn, explore and create with electricity found in common everyday objects.

Our toys are designed to allow kids to learn about the science of energy in a hands-on and memorable way, create new inventions with the energy they have learned to harness, and most of all, have fun powering their imaginations with the possibilities of what the future of energy might be.

Toys Designed to Discover Energy 

We've created an Energy Kit, including our Qmod Energy Block and card game, to help kids learn about the different types of energy around them. Learn how to harness energy from all types of things including:

  • Solar Panels
  • Plants
  • Waste
  • Dynamos

Toys Designed for Energy Innovation

Once the Energy Block is fully charged, power all sorts of things with the energy you have learned to capture including:

  • LEDs
  • Buzzers
  • DC Motors
  • Things you can code

The Qmod Energy Block

has two modes, Discovery and Charge. In Discover Mode, create experiments that generate electricity and discover how much energy you have at your finger tips. Then switch over to Charge Mode and charge your Energy Block with your very own energy.

The Qmod Card Game

introduces new skills such as electrochemistry, circuit design and coding allowing anyone to innovate with energy in a variety of new and exciting ways.

The Qmod Team

Kira Cranna

Marketing & Customer Relations

Dana Cannam

Founder & Lead Design

Sven Ebens

Educational & Tech Design

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