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Tower 1

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Download the .ai and/or .stl file(s) & use a laser cutter to cut it out of a wooden "MDF" plate (thickness: 3mm), then put all the pieces together. For more information on laser cutting & and where to find one look below.

When you finish building the structure you can Place an LED inside. Then connect it to a Qmod Energy Block & light up this tower.

If you attach a solar panel to the roof & place it in the sun you can even keep charging the Energy Block with the power from the sun!

Detailed settings and instructions vary per machine & the rules of the place you're cutting the files at, therefore try to get help from a professional at the location, besides that you can look/ask for help on our support forum.

In order to laser cut, you of course first have to find a place to do it at. Laser cutters are usually found at Fab Labs and/or Makerspaces, you can use the map below to find one near you:



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